• Landscape Planning and Permitting
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Design with Native Plants
  • Rain Gardens and Bioswales
  • Walls and Garden Structures
  • Bridges and Boardwalks
  • Water and Conservation

Ekistics Design Studio is responsible for ecologically relevant landscape development tailored to the subtropical environment. Landscapes should be sustaining and earth-healing rather than short-lived and dependent upon constant waste of resources. Our perspective is based on an intimate knowledge of topography, soils and hydrology.

We are proficient in grading and drainage for earth shaping and resource protection and Ekistics has developed detailed plaza and courtyard drainage designs. In addition to an ecological approach to vegetation planning, we are proficient in hardscape development and construction detailing and permitting for terraces, walls and garden structures. Our capabilities include wetland and natural area designs and permitting.

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