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Cannon Ranch DRI – Bella Verde

Mixed Use Master Planned Development – 2,000 Acres

Ekistics Design Studio, Inc. was responsible for the site analysis and land planning for the Cannon Ranch Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Application approved in 1989. Work efforts included preparation of master plans, maps and supplemental reports on wetlands, vegetation and wildlife and recreational open space. Ekistics has been involved in subsequent site plan alternatives/modifications and was responsible for Army Corps of Engineers final approval in 2005.
  • ADA/DRI Team Member
  • Application for Zoning Amendment
  • MPUD Development Plan
  • Zoning Performance Standards
  • Pedestrian Village Site Planning
  • Scenic Corridor Analysis
  • Pedestrian/Bicycle Circulation Plan
  • Wetland Jurisdictional Determination (65 linear miles)
  • Comprehensive Wetland Monitoring Program
  • Supplemental Wildlife Survey and Habitat Conservation Management Plan
  • Wetland Mitigation and Stream Restoration Plans

Village Concept Sketch Egrets